What Candidates Look for From Potential Employers

This blog addresses an overview of the most common practices Candidates use to screen and evaluate Potential Employers.

What Candidates Look for From Potential Employers

What Candidates Look for From Potential Employers
What Candidates Look for From Potential Employers
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When you are looking to hire more team members, you might want to see your job advertisements from the other side and know exactly what your potential candidates are looking for from potential employers. If this is the case, read on for more information on what might encourage them to apply for your open positions.

1.    A Great Office Space

The office space that they work in can make a huge difference to your employee's productivity and well-being. As such, you should always look to find an office space that is bright and airy, contains all of the tech that your employees will need, and cultivates both working as a team and independent working. Not only this, but if your office is not in an easily accessible location, talented individuals may not be able to apply for openings with your company simply because they are unable to get to your office. As such, you should look around for the best office rental in your city offered by companies like The Workplace Company.

2.    Progression Opportunities

The process of job hunting can be grueling, and so many possible employees are unwilling to apply for a job within a company that they know they will have to move on from in a few years' time to achieve their dreams. As such, you should make sure that there are many progression opportunities available within your firm and that you make this clear on the job adverts that you create. You can cultivate progression by enquiring about where your employees want to be in five years at their interview or even during their one-on-one appraisals if you end up employing them.

3.    A Great Salary

​ No matter how much an individual wants to work for your company, money often comes first, and they will be unable to work for your company if they cannot remain financially stable while working for you. As such, you should try to offer competitive salaries that are above minimum wage for all of your job positions, and you should make sure that these salaries reflect the talent of your staff members, the job requirements, and what other companies in the industry are paying their employees.

4.    A Great Company Culture

Your job candidates do not want to turn up to their job every day already wanting to go home. As such, to ensure that they feel comfortable and excited about going to work right from the start, you should make sure that your brand has a great company culture that values each of your employees and their opinions.

You should also offer a great benefits package and employee rewards that can keep your employees healthy and engaged with your brand. You should also make sure that your brand has a great company mission that your possible employees can support and get behind, as this can help to reflect the overall outlook of your company and whether you seem like you are likely to look after your employees. 

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