Traits of a Great Employer

Good employers provide healthy and safe work environments for their employees. A good employer should respect you by valuing your work.

Traits of a Great Employer

Traits of a Great Employer
Traits of a Great Employer
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​ Today's employees increasingly want to work for a company that is forward-thinking, embraces innovation and operates in a socially and environmentally responsible fashion. The onus is also on employers to demonstrate sound business practices to attract and retain a talented and highly motivated workforce. The need to operate in an ethical and sustainable manner is demonstrated by the fact that virtually all Americans want to work for an ethical organization and 57% of workers say that this is critical in their choice of job. There are numerous traits that go together to indicate that an employer will provide a great working environment and job. This article explores key traits that many great employers share.

They offer flexible working options

Many workers in 2022 will have experienced remote or hybrid models of work because of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is a method of working that most employees like as it offers tangible improvements to a worker's work-life balance. In addition, it can help a company to become more environmentally friendly by reducing the carbon footprints of its workforce due to less need for journeys to a physical office or headquarters. Most experts predict that remote and hybrid working is here to stay, and a great employer will recognize this fact. A well-managed organization is one that will have completed or be in the process of the journey to cloud migration. Operating modern and effective cloud-based systems and applications plays an integral role in allowing effective remote working to take place and opens the door to increased flexibility in how employees approach their working week.

They listen to the views of staff

Another key trait of a great employer is that they actively listen to their workforce. In addition, they will act on the ideas, issues and comments that are raised from staff consultations and surveys with the aim of improving working culture and productivity. Many employers today will actively seek the views of staff from all levels and positions within the organization. Applications such as SurveyMonkey allow employers to get rapid feedback and thoughts from their workforce on a range of matters. When this information is used to drive meaningful change and improvement in a company, it serves to demonstrate the employer's respect for the views and opinions of its staff. A great company will recognize that employees at all levels can be best placed to offer service improvement ideas and will regularly seek feedback.

Clear routes to career development

In the modern world of business, employees want to be assured that their employer will offer clear and transparent routes to career development and professional growth. Put simply; ambitious employees will leave an organization after a relatively short period of time if it becomes self-evident that there is a lack of opportunities for progression. A great employer recognizes the value of retaining an increasingly knowledgeable and talented workforce. In addition, they will understand that having high levels of employee churn is a costly activity in terms of increased recruitment costs and the loss of specialist knowledge when an employee leaves, which takes time to rebuild. 

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