Why Marketing is a Career for the Future

This article will provide you with an example of how to do this and why marketing is the ideal example of just such a career or skill path.

Why Marketing is a Career for the Future

Why Marketing is a Career for the Future
Why Marketing is a Career for the Future
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In the past, you may have been advised to go narrow and specialize in a field and focused all your energies on this direction for what was hoped would be your entire career. However, just as the world of work is in constant change, so too are the requirements and needs of this market. The trend is to deal with risk as much as possible, and one of the best ways to do this is to generalize. Thus, providing you the opportunity to do many things well enough to make them the mainstay of a career change or new job in uncertain times.

You still need to hone the skills you develop, but it is now primarily about which ones you choose and how you can maximize the opportunities out there. This article will provide you with an example of how to do this and why marketing is the ideal example of just such a career or skill path.

Marketing and communication   

Telling stories and creating informative content to either brand build or sell products and services is a constant requirement of the current economic system. There will always be products to sell and people who need to be informed about their options and choices. At the most basic, marketing is about creating a message on a specific medium that should speak to a pre-determined target.

Whether it is for political campaigns, environmental activism, or the promotion of products and services, spreading a message or marketing is arguably the key to long-term success.

Marketing is arguably the one true science with a little artistic flair, in that with current big data and the scientific understanding of communication and human needs, you can build almost person-specific campaigns that deliver what the recipient wants. Understanding how intrinsically linked marketing is with communication and the fact that communication is a two-way process is vital. Many have in recent times updated their skills with a professional online masters in communication, which provides this foundational knowledge in a technologically advanced fashion, with a modern focus.

Tech and marketing/ the future of marketing  

Based on the communication foundations as aforementioned, marketing has now gone viral through the use of technologies suitable to the current age. This has made it a career choice for both the now and the future.

Bespoke marketing based on the analysis of big data​

This is the ultimate expression of marketing and business communication in the modern data age. Being able to access demographic and even quite personal data on likes and dislikes from social media allows businesses to create marketing content for specific individuals. It is a current trend, and almost anything can be personalized; there is no difference in marketing. This aspect of the profession adds job roles in data analysis and increases the demand for marketing content suited to the specific target audience or person. As big data grows, so will this aspect of marketing, providing further growth and development of the profession.

Text and SMM​

These are two of the latest tech-inspired marketing mediums that have taken the business marketing world by storm. The text was arguably more of an expected development than the rise of social media marketing, but both of these forms of marketing show that as technology develops and advances, so will marketing, in that it is simply about using the available medium to convey messages. Social media is a prime example and has moved from a platform where people share and socialize to one where a business sells, and personal brands proliferate. People expect to shop or at least to encounter new products when on their social feeds. Marketing is cutting edge and always has been.

Developing Relationships and creating lifelong customers​

This can only be done by ongoing communication between customers and consumers and the brand or business. Modern marketing has moved to a stage where it is more about creating lifelong relationships and brand loyalty than forcing the sale. Within the construct of this lifelong sustainable relationship, revenue is generated through ongoing and frequent sales, elicited by brand loyalty and product quality. Most people refer to this as relationship marketing and focus on creating a relationship with the buyer or consumer, answering queries, providing updates and feedback on product development. However, it should go much further than simply talking to sell and must be a natural process of befriending to develop insights and knowledge as to likes, dislikes, and possible future trends.

Holistic brand building​

The idea of holistic brand building is about the use of as many mediums as possible and creating demographic-specific messages for the customers and clients that you have. A holistic brand-building approach must also be internalized in that the business itself and those employed must be part of the brand development process. For a brand to be genuine and effective, it must pervade the entire business. Marketing or brand building must be integrated to be accessed on all platforms and mediums. Internal: Those inside the business must be as aware of the product features and brand as those external to the business. It must include performance marketing, detail the use and value of the product and service, and lastly, to be holistic, it must build relationships with customers and clients and allow a two-way communication process.

Final remarks​

Just as communication is a vital part of human interaction and engagement, marketing is the equivalent process for a business, as it is seen as the voice for businesses and brands. Without developing this communication with the aim of it being the voice of your business, there is no way to build a sustainable brand .Without marketing, there can be no favorites and no competition. It is a career that is proving to be the mainstay of modern business and the current economic systems and processes as a whole. It is a skill that is worth developing, as freelance marketing is a stable career for the future and is expected to become a mainstream way to work and earn a living.

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